Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Confidence & Self Esteem

Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

Hypnotherapy is a great way of relaxing all those muscles, and releasing tensions, whilst clearing the mind and pressing the reset button.  I like to refer to my relaxation sessions, and top ups as mental massages.  We go to massage therapists to relax the muscles of the body, we should also relax the brain too, what better way to slow the brain down and relax the body and the mind.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence & Self Esteem

Having low confidence or low self-esteem can have disabling effects on our lives.  It can restrict us in the things we do, or wish to do.  There could be things in the past that happened to you which knocked your confidence, and you’ve carried it through to your adult life.  It could be that your parents told you that you could’ve done better, you were bullied at some point in your life, or simply you just don’t feel brave enough to do something, like dancing in front of people.  Maybe you just don’t feel good enough, comparing yourself to other people.