Our Next Event

Friday 22nd March 2024 6.00pm – 9.00pm

@ Sutton Circuit Outdoor Go-Karting Leicester
Sutton Lane, Sutton-in-the-Elms, Leicester, LE9 6QF.

Embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and Empowerment with our exclusive Glass Walking and Firewalking Experience.

What to expect on the night:

Firewalk: Walk confidently across a bed of hot coals, feeling the heat beneath your feet as you conquer fears and tap into your inner strength.

Glasswalk: Experience the extraordinary sensation of walking barefoot over shards of broken glass, proving the resilience of mind over matter and breaking through perceived limits.

You can do either or both!

Our experienced, professional team will prepare you for your remarkable, memory making journey with a blend of ancient wisdom and modern Empowerment techniques.

Would you like to promote awareness and raise money for a charity/good cause that’s close to your heart? Want to leave your comfort zone and achieve the seemingly impossible?

Buy your tickets now and join our Glasswalking and Firewalking tribe.

Ticket price £40pp. Tickets available from: Ticket Tailor [CLICK HERE]

For more information contact us on: 07711573902 or 07590065961

Do you dare to ignite your spirit and walk with us?

Heidi and Daz


No. You will find yourself completely in control and perhaps the most concentrated form of you that you could be.

Yes! The coals you will tread on will be in excess of 1000° F. You will see the fire once it is built and more often than not, we will invite you to see it being ignited.

There will always be an element of risk involved as you will be treading on hot coals! With the right mindset and your energy raised to match that of the fire, we do not anticipate any injuries other than the odd fire-kiss or 2 (minor blister). Most people come off of the coals with no injury at all, just a highly exhilarating feeling of achieving the seemingly impossible.


Again, there is always an element of risk involved with this activity, that’s why we do it! The energy required for this activity is different to that of firewalking. With this activity, you will find that you are more focused on the task in front of you than you’ve ever been before, with each step being the most precise steps many of you will have ever taken. This activity brings the mind and body connection ever closer as you navigate yourself over the broken glass, conquering fears and limiting beliefs along the way.


Theoretically yes. Children as young as 8 and adults of 80+ have walked through fire and on glass shards. However, some people who use walking aids or have certain health conditions may be refused. Don’t be put off by this as we may still be able to find a way for you, just ask.

Only if you allow it into your mind! Being at one with the mind and body connection will allow you to pass safely over glass and hot coals